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Replace or Reface Cabinets? Cost Considerations.

Refacing kitchen or bathroom cabinets costs considerably less than replacing them. Depending on the size of the kitchen and the materials you choose for refacing, you may spend between $3,000 and $12,000 (Savings of 50% or more). Even at the highest cost range, however, you would spend more than twice as much to replace the cabinets because there are several hidden costs that must be included in a full remodel. For example, if you get a quote on the cabinets, you must then add the cost of handles, molding, delivery charges, molding and trim, and refinishing any walls that are left exposed or damaged after the replacement.

Beautiful & Affordable Cabinet Refacing for Your Pugent Sound Home

If you are happy with the design and layout of your kitchen but dread the cost and inconvenience of a complete kitchen overhaul, then kitchen cabinet refacing is the perfect option for you. Kitchen cabinet refacing allows you can have the look you’ve always dreamed of without the additional expense and hassle. In addition, you can make your kitchen a true joy to work in by adding a variety of functional accessories, upgrading appliances, or upgrading to that beautiful quartz countertop you have always wanted.

What is cabinet refacing?

Cabinet refacing is a quick and painless way to give a great new look and feel to your existing cabinetry. We simply replace all the existing doors and drawer fronts with a door style, wood species and finish that you choose. We then apply a matching refacing material to all exposed end panels and face frames of your existing cabinets.

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Is cabinet refacing right for every kitchen?

Cabinet refacing is for homeowners who want an updated look and desire to keep the current layout of their kitchen. Cabinet refacing is a great option for those that already have beautiful granite or quartz countertops that they would like to keep. A homeowner can realize significant cost savings while achieving a beautiful transformation by keeping their existing stone countertops.

What are the advantages of refacing?

  • Kitchen cabinet refacing installation takes just days to complete
  • We use your existing cabinet boxes.  This allows for less mess and inconvenience
  • Cabinet refacing is eco-friendly. You avoid adding unnecessary waste to your local landfill
  • The kitchen remains functional during the cabinet refacing process
  • Choose from an endless variety of door styles and finish options
  • Prompt and courteous installation experts handle all the details
  • Cabinet refacing can offer considerable cost savings over a traditional kitchen remodel

General timeline for your kitchen remodeling project for cabinet refacing

The cabinet refacing process overall is a faster and simpler project to complete, generally with far fewer elements involved. However, larger or highly custom projects may take slightly longer than the estimated times provided here.

Design & Selections

The first step on your journey to a beautifully refaced kitchen is your first meeting with your Kitchen Solvers designer. Either in-home, or in the showroom, materials and selections will be discussed and chosen and your designer will begin to engineer your cabinet refacing project.

  • Initial design consultation: Initial cabinet measurements taken, selections discussed/decided.
  • Engineer your kitchen: Based upon the measurements taken of your existing cabinetry, your kitchen designer will set to work engineering measurements for your new cabinet doors, refacing materials, end-panels, and moldings.
  • Order materials: Once the engineering is completed, selections finalized, and everything is given another review for accuracy from your project manager, your materials will be put on order and your installation will be scheduled.

Project Planning

While your new cabinet doors are being crafted, depending on the scope of your project you may have some minor electrical or plumbing work done prior to your installation. Any other upgrades being done can also be completed in the time between ordering materials and installation.

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Cabinet Refacing

The cabinet refacing process is about as painless as a kitchen transformation can get. As described above, the process leaves many items undisturbed in your kitchen and the length of the process will generally be determined by the size of your kitchen. The average refacing job takes just 4-5 days. Painless as the process may be, the transformation will leave you stunned as you fall in love with your space all over again.